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I had no idea the month was over, wow.
So, I'm in the proof reading stage for my book. I have a w.i.p. picture in my scraps of a small portion of the cover. It'll be done soon, and it'll be really cool.
I'm going to do an art trade with :iconmissbutterfly11: as soon as I can.
When that's done, I'm gonig to be doing a bunch of requests for people in this Connecticut group I'm in. Hopefully some of them help with my book in return, if not, that's fine too. After or while I finish those, I'm posting the book on Tablo.
I might host another round robin writing thing, I dunno. The last one was cool.
I wanna do either a 24hr comic or a full length Nuslocke comic before I get into doing any serious projects, mostly to test out stuff and practice.
That's my agenda, among other things.

Grabbed from lavaquil

1. Do you snore?
I don't think so.

2. Are You a lover or a fighter?
I've got the soul of a fighter. Maybe. I don't know if I'm a lover. I don't like sentimental stuff. It makes me uncomfortable.

3. What’s your worst fear?
Losing a loved one would be terrible.

4. As a kid, where you a lego maniac?
Not necessarily. I played with lotsa stuff. Hot wheels more than legos.

5. What do you think of “reality” tv?
Competition shows like Face Off are real cool. Shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta or The Kardashians make me cringe and I often want to move to the moon when I see a new one comes out.

6. Do you chew on your straws?

7. Were you a cute baby?
I might have been.

8. Is the single life for you?
I'm doing fine. Haven't been in a relationship, and considering my current state, I won't be for a long while.

9. What colour is your keyboard?

10. Do you sing in the shower?
I whistle occasionally

11. Have you ever sky-dived before?
Nope, but that seems cool. Even if I'm afraid of heights.

12. Any secret talents?
I'm pretty good at Project M Smash Bros. I can do accents pretty well, I'm good with trivia,

13. What’s your ideal vacation spot?
Anywhere with friends.

14. Can you swim?
I can't float, but I can maneuver underwater slightly. I've walked underwater before. Can't swim.

16. Have you seen the movie "Donnie Darko”?
Jake's in it. Never heard of it. Looks cool.

17. Do you care about the ozone?
Yeah, but I myself couldn't do much. Especially with this attitude.

18. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Depends on a lot of factors, including what you'd consider the center.

19. Can you sing the alphabet backwards?

20. Have you ever been on an airplane?

21. Are you a single child?

22. Do you prefer electronic or manual pencil sharpeners?
Manual. However, there are those rare electrics that are damn great.

23. What’s your stand on hunting?
I mean, I eat meat. Hunting for sport? Bullshit. Give the deer a gun.

24. Is marriage in your future?

25. Do you like your handwriting?

26. What are you allergic to?
Nothing I know of.

27. When was the last time you said 'I love you?'
Not sure...

28. Is Tupac still alive?
He's chillin with Santa.

29. Do you cry at weddings?
I don't go to weddings.

30. How do you like your eggs?
Over easy. Omlettes are cool.

31. Are blondes dumb?
So like, I know hair color does not denote intelligence, but I've met a lot of really dumb blondes.

32. Where does the other sock end up?
If this is an expression, I'm unfamiliar with it.

33. What time is it?
9:50 PM

34. Do you have a nickname?
I bunch, kinda. None are like, habitually used. I'm being called Black Doom more often than I'd like to admit.

35. Is McDonald's disgusting?
Meh. I like the fries there, and the burgers are a nice snack.

36. When was the last time you were in a car?
Day before yesterday? I don't remember. My memory is bad.

37. Do you prefer baths or showers?
Showers. Haven't sat in dirty water for more than 6 years.

38. Is Santa Claus real?
I suppose.

39. Do you like having your neck kissed?
That would be adorable. I dunno what it's like.

40. Are you afraid of the dark?

41. What are you addicted to?

42. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
Creamy is more practical, but man, I tried crunchy and it was great!

43. Can you crack your neck?
Kinda, but I don't try to hard out of fear.

44. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

45. How many times have you brushed your teeth today?
Once so far.

46. Is drug free the way to go?
Sure, but I can't judge. Haven't tried any 'drugs'

47. Are you a heavy sleeper?
Don't know.

48. What colour are your eyes?

50. Do you like your life?
It's the only one I have.

51. Who’s better: Stone Cold or The Rock?
The Rock.

52. Are you psychic?
I suppose I'm clairvoyant. I dunno. Mostly lucky guesses.

53. Have you read "Catcher in the Rye"?
I didn't get a chance to.

54. Do you play any instruments?

55. Have you ever stolen money?
I might have.

56. Can you snowboard?

57. Do you like camping?
I haven't camped.

58. Do you snort when you laugh?
I have to do it intentionally, otherwise, no.

59. Do you believe in magic?
I don't know what I believe.

60. Are dogs a man’s best friend?
That's the phrase.

61. You believe in divorce?

62. Can you do the moonwalk?
In smash, yeah, with some character. As a dance, kinda

63. Do you make a lot of mistakes?
Perpetually. I've apparently made quite a few during this quiz without my knowledge. Man, am I just a calculated and talented individual.

64. Is it cold outside today?
I forgot what warmth feels like, honestly.

65. What was the last thing you ate?
Meat pie thing.

66. Do you wear nail polish?
I have in the past.

67. Have you ever been kissed?
Yes. If you mean like and actual kiss, kinda. It was truth or dare, and we're supposed to forget that day ever happened, and it wasn't a real kiss anyway, but hey.

68. What's the most annoying TV commercial?
Currently for me it's those Nissan Event commercials.

69. Do you shop at American Eagle?
I don't really shop.

70. Favourite song at the moment?
Not sure. I've been listening to a few, and I've gotten sick of some old favorites. :c

71. Do you like your job?
I'm unemployed, and every time my father enters the room, the atmosphere reminds me how much of a failure I am.

72. Do you like your classes in school?
Failures don't attend school.

73. How do you like your meat cooked?
I've never experimented with different cooking; I've pretty much only had well done. I'd be willing to try medium or rare next time.

74. Do you like these surveys.
I take them for something to do, and because I'm kinda hoping they'd ask funny questions. I don't know why I keep falling for their trap.

75. Do you know how to tag three peoples?
I know how to.


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Name: Xavier Alexander Valentin.

Age: 18
I'm pretty great at Smash Brothers. (Though I'm far from being MLG or anything.) Drawing irritates me, and it feels like work, but I feel that if I get to a certain point in drawing, I'll come to enjoy it. I have a perfectly healthy obsession with chocolate, have never left the country, have poor spelling skills, above average grammatical skills (despite my lack of which in this bio), a pestering sense of empathy, a love for foreign language and culture, and a fondness for quality humor. (I'll be funny one day.)

Current Residence: Waterbury CT

deviantWEAR sizing preference: What?????

Print preference: Legal or Tabloid

Favorite genre of music: rock, classical, jazz, hip hop, electronic, anything.

Favorite photographer: I dunno

Favorite style of art: comic strips

Operating System: XP service pack 3

MP3 player of choice: coby go gear (R.I.P.)

Shell of choice: shot gun shell

Wallpaper of choice: one that sticks to the wall

Skin of choice: EQUALITY FOR ALL

Favorite cartoon character: Currently think Miou Ootori is the shit.

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