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Stolen unlawfully from :iconlavaquil: I needed something to be in my journal section.

Planets: Life

Mercury: What’s your full name?
Xavier Alexander Valentin Bastard Fish no. 1

Venus: What’s your first language?

Earth: Where’s your home?
Town Plot

Mars: What’s your sexuality?
too damn strong for my own good, please kill my libido someone

Jupiter: Do you have any siblings?
I'm the eldest of two brothers and a baby sister

Saturn: Any pets?
I've got a leopard gecko and there's like turtles and a beta fish I guess.

Uranus: What’s your hobby?
I enjoy the high octane practice of dust collecting.

Neptune: When’s your birthday?
October 9th

Pluto: What time is it right now where you are?

Moon: What are you currently studying/hope to study?
I'm in online college for my Creative Writing degree. I've yet to take any of my real core classes due to a lack of that cash money, but I completed the first course, and that's neato.

Stars: Experiences

Sun: Have you ever had alcohol?
Tons, but I've never been honk-donk drunk.

Sirius: Have you ever failed a class?

Rigel: Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster?
I was just at Six Flags yesterday and I was on The Superman and like two or three other coasters. I actually don't like them, but I go on them anyway! They're fun afterwards, but ughugh spooky.

Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country?
Sadly, no.

Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness?
Heheh, yeah, actually.

Betelgeuse: What’s something you can never forget about?
It's something horrible, I can tell you that.

Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about?
The fate of the future.

Canopus: Have you ever broken a bone?
I don't think so, no. My collar bone was dislocated, I think, but it sure wasn't broken. THAT would suck.

Bellatrix: Have you ever been forced to lie/keep a secret?
Bellatrix is a beautiful star. Silly goose. I lie without force.

Alphard: Have you ever lost a friend?
Yes, and some were honestly bad people anyway.

Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t?
Open my mouth.

Constellations: Favourites

Centaurus: Favourite holiday?
Allhalloween, all day. 

Orion: Favourite month?
I'm not sure.

Cassiopeia: Favourite book?
Ghost World. I need to remember the names of the two authors who wrote it, but it's slipping my mind.

Delphinus: Favourite study?
I like physics, anatomy, and stuff, but I dunno.

Hercules: Favourite instrument?
Hang drum I guess.

Gemini: Favourite song?
That is a damn hard pick. The acoustic version of "Duvet" by Bôa is one of them.

Pegasus: Favourite place to be?

Libra: Favourite colour?
This is my sign, and it's asking the dumbest fucking question.

Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?
Something that covers my stupid lanky kong ass body.

Aries: Favourite movie?
These constellations are makin me upset.

Cygnus: Favourite weather?
Rain on a sunny day.

Hydra: Favourite sound?
Pretty voices.

Galaxies: Love/Friends  

Milky Way: idk
Is this a question? I wonder who makes these and then gets them circulated.

Andromeda: Do you consider yourself social?

Black Eye Galaxy: Do you believe in love at first sight?
It can work in very few instances, yeah. It's not very plausible, though. I see it as looking for the cupcake that has chocolate filling out of a huge box of cupcakes that all look the same. If you just grab a cupcake, there's a low chance it'll be the right one, but if it just so happens to be chocolate filled, then boom. It'll work out.

Cartwheel Galaxy: When was your first kiss?
In middle school, the girls were playing dare or dare, I guess, cause there was no truth option and I was caught in the crossfire. My friend who shall not be named was dared to kiss me, and we did, but it was super awkward. I don't know what kissing is, and she has known me since like, Kindergarten. So we punch out lips together and it was silly. People said it was weird I had my eyes open the whole time, but I WANTED TO SEE IT HAPPEN cause it was technically my first kiss. They were so freaked out that it was my first kiss that they made me do it two more times on camera so they could remember. I still had my eyes open, and it kinda just felt like punching faces. It wasn't really a smooch, but a fist bump. With lips.

Very anticlimactic, 0 stars.

Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills?
Never flirted, and I bet if I tried, I'd fuck up really bad and beg the stars for forgiveness.

Comet Galaxy: Have you ever had to leave a relationship because someone changed too much?
No. I've never been in a real relationship. When I was in elementary school, a girl just kinda proclaimed she was dating me, and I agreed I think. I didn't like her, she bullied me a lot. Also, she was a grade below me, despite being older, and I thought she tried dating me to look cool or something? Like, to tell her friends she was dating a 5th grader. I'm not certain about that, so I dunno. It lasted maybe a week or a few days, I dunno.

One day I got two a huge lemonhead candies, and I knew she liked lemonheads. So does my mom, so I kept one for her. Anyway, I told the girl to break up with me and I'd give her a candy. She happily accepted. The end.

Whenever I saw her after that, it was weird.

Pinwheel Galaxy: Would you date the last person you talked to?
No, but she's really great! We hang out lots! She doesn't like dating.

Sombrero Galaxy: Do you have a crush right now?
I hope not!

Bode’s Galaxy: Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Sunflower Galaxy: Would you date/make friends with someone out of pity?
Please shoot me.

Tadpole Galaxy: Would you deny a relationship/friendship?
I don't have the heart. Please see answer above. If you ask to be pals, fuck it! We're pals!

Whirlpool Galaxy: Have you ever cried over a breakup?
I prolly would, maybe.

Other stuff: Wishes

Comet: What’s your big dream?
Become independent.

Asteroid: What does your dream life look like?
I just finished my manuscript, and I need to get it published. Haven't slept in like two days. My roommate tells me it's daylight savings. I check my clock. I'm gonna be late. Fuck. I hop on my Ducati bike and let out a warrior scream. My roommate nods, and understands that if I die, they have to delete my hard drive from existence.

I blast down the road. A light drizzle cools me down as I I watch the sun rise in the horizon. It's early in the morning, and I catch animals slowly come out. "Driving in this country is the best, 'cause there's no traffic." Suddenly, as I reach the city, I'm suffocated by traffic. "Fuck." I have to drive through small alleyways to get there in time. By the time it takes for me to do this, the streets are pretty clear. This only irritates me horrendously. I finally make it to the publishers, and my rival is laughing at me. I drift into a parking spot, and swoon everyone who sees. I walk by my rival, now spooked, and scoff.

My bike falls over, because I forgot the kickstand, but I don't notice. I'm already in the building. Previously swooned passerby are now thinking I'm a loser. Rival's ego boner has returned.

"Here's my manuscript." I proclaim in one of the many languages I've mastered. Sadly, in my fatigue, it was the wrong language. I receive looks. My mentor at the end of the office gives me a weird look, and I turn away. I didn't want her to think I was stupid, but I did, and now it sucks. My boss happens to understand me.

"Hand it over, child." She says, mirroring my foreign tongue. I oblige, and she reads it thoroughly. It was a week of work, and it'd be less stressful if I didn't slack off so much. The slacking off, however, was off the charts. Therefore, stress was off the charts. Simple formula, for a simple life.

"Eh." she states.

"Nailed it." I whisper in English. I'm then paid a large sum of that cash money, and I'm politely told to fuck off.

I leave the building, and it's time to spend the bones. My roommate covers sensible expenses, while I handle all our trivialities. I call them up to ask what they want. They tell me I'm needed at the house right away. 'That chick you get all awkward around is here again, and she's trying to guess your password.'

Motherfuck, are you kidding me. Please no. I run to my bike, which has fallen over due to carelessness, but I assume it's fallen over due to jealousy and I honk. Once on the vehicle, I pop a wheelie, as it's how to engage turbo mode. Once in turbo, I take the highway. It's time I stop being scared of highways and go all out. My vehicle reaches top speed, and I feel like a god.

I hear the po-po, and feel mortal again.

I pull to the side of the road and text my roommate to stall that chick. Cop walks over to me and asks me how fast I was going. I explain that I was in turbo. They warn me about turbo. I explain that I live a fast life, and cannot be slowed. Cop shows me his guns. I scoff. Cop then shows me his 9mm pistol. I stop scoffing. I hand over my ID. Cop gasps.

"I enjoy your work." The cop states. My heart flutters. The cop then hands me a ticket, where I sign an autograph. The cop explains that that's not what the ticket was for, but okay. Cop takes the ticket and hand me another.
I explain a girl broke into my house and is about to break into my computer.

I get a police escort.

I get home, and I see her escaping.

"No-one must know." I state to the wind. I have to hunt her down and kill her.

I jump off my bike, which crashes into a bush. The bike is often abused. A dollar a day could prevent this.

I chase the girl. Her legs are too powerful for me, and she outruns me easily. This is fine, since I have a nice view from behind. The girl can apparently read minds, so she turns a corner. I climb the wall and cut her off.

"You got me." She speaks good ol American.

"What did you see?"


"Now you have to die."


It's awkward now.

"I think it's cute though." She says. "You should print out those pictures you drew of me! I'd love to have them."

Oh. I thought I had to kill her. I ask her if it's all she saw. She runs off whilst screaming at me to change my password.

It starts raining again as I walk home. I get a call from the US.

"How was your day?" A friend asks, oblivious to the timezones.

"Oh, you know." I say.


Meteor: What’s something you wish you could tell, but can’t?
I wish I could tell if people are lying a bit better.

Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be?

Shooting Star: If you could bring back one thing, what would it be?
Traditional animation.

Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years?
See asteroid.

Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
Cuddle Stroll around on the moon while listening to music.

Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be?
Someone special, I hope.

Wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t?
Fuck you, wormhole. Your existence is a speculation anyway.

Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see?
The backs of my eyelids.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Xavier Alexander Valentin.

Age: 19
I'm decent at Smash Brothers Project M. (Though I'm far from being good or anything.) I like writing and sometimes I draw, I guess.

Current Residence: Waterbury CT

deviantWEAR sizing preference: What?????

Print preference: Legal or Tabloid

Favorite genre of music: anything I find good

Favorite photographer: I dunno

Favorite style of art: comic strips

Operating System: Windows 7 service pack 1

MP3 player of choice: coby go gear (R.I.P.)

Shell of choice: shot gun shell

Wallpaper of choice: one that sticks to the wall

Skin of choice: EQUALITY FOR ALL

Favorite cartoon character: Currently think Miou Ootori is the shit.

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